Mulligatewny (Vegatable Soup) $2.95 Chicken Soup $3.95
House Salad
Dressing (Italian or French)

Indian Salad (onions,lemon and green chilly)

Vegetable Samosa (2)
(Crisp patties stuffed with spiced peas and potatoes)
$3.95 Meat Somas (2)
(Crisp patties stuffed with ground meat and spiced)
Onion Bhajia
(Fresh onions spiced and deep fried)
$3.95 Chicken Pakora
(White Meat - Light spiced deep fried fritters)
Vegatable Pakora
(Mixed veg fritters deep fried)
$4.95 Veg Appetizers
(A Combination of vegatable somosa, veg pakora and onion bhajia)
Special Appetizer
(Vegatable samosa, veg p akora, onion bhajia, chicken pakora and mixed kahab)